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     As God leads, Serena is excited for the journey ahead of her. She knows that God has called her to go into High Schools to speak to the teenagers and to share her story with them, and to personally invite them into an encounter that will change the course of their destiny. Serena Brooke knows that there is power, inspiration, and encouragement in her story, and she looks forward to sharing it with the world.

About the Author

        Serena Brooke’s heart and passion is to encourage, inspire, and be an example to the teenagers and young adults of the nation. She desires to see change, revival, and transformation in her generation and to show how the authentic love of God can change any situation. Serena longs to see teenagers today discover truth, live in purity, and have confidence in their identity.

       Serena spends a lot of her free time at worship and prayer nights and spiritual growth events. The rest of her free time is spent with her best friends (A.K.A her mom, dad, and two brothers), and with her 4-year old boxer dog Tobias.



Kingdom Advancement!

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