The Book Website Journey

I obviously had no idea what I was doing or where to start when it came to computer and website stuff. With AAE they had some recommendations of people who design websites, when I contacted the person, even with the discount it was going to be $1500 at least... I definitely did not have funds for that.

I figured since I had gone this far with the book journey and had been learning all kinds of things, why not give it a try and save a ton of money?

I put the question on Facebook asking my friends what to do and where to start when it came down to creating your own website. Some people recommended WIX but said if I was wanting to sell Books, it might not be the best route. The other one that was highly recommended was Squarespace, upon researching it, I agreed it was the best route for me.

I created an account, then it has you demo a theme or style, well I was instantly lost and overwhelmed... so I did what most of us do these days, I went to my helpful friend Google. I found a ton of YouTubers who did tutorials for Squarespace, but I needed to find a specific one. I finally found a guy who had published a book and sold it on his Squarespace website.

He had several videos and walked you through each little thing, which was exactly what I needed! In the end, he even had a code I used and got a discount on the website once I finalized it and it went live.

I also went to other popular Author's websites and found similarities and used some of the tips, styles, and navigation buttons that they used. Some parts are similar but I did customize it with what little things I felt it needed to have.

My website is simple and to the point, the color scheme matches the book. The pictures I used for it are from my senior pictures because I didn't have the extra funds to pay for a recent photo shoot.

I get on my website at least 4 times a week and explore through it and just about everytime I find something new and learn about it! A few weeks ago I found out a place in settings where you can see globally what nations have viewed your website, I was shocked to discover my website had reached people in Canada, Nicaragua, Germany, Nepal, Australia, Columbia, Ireland, Italy, Cambodia, and more.

I discovered you can see how many views you've gotten, how it has been accessed, like whether it's through mobile or computer. Then, you can go deeper to see if it was android,iPhone, other, and Mac, Pc or other. I found it pretty interesting.

I taught myself through exploring how to create pop up ads, create a product discount, and generate a discount code!

I look forward to continuing this website journey and learning all that I can. I never thought I would be able to say that I designed and created my own website, but I did it!

If you're an author, looking to design your own website, and want to use the tutorial videos that I did, here's the link to the first video:

You can even use his discount code to save 10% on your website, "Oakley"

If I had my own code I'd totally give it to you to use, but I couldn't figure out how to do it, so I decided why not help a brother out and share his code with you since I probably couldn't do my website without his help!

Thank you for reading and for checking out The Book Journey Blog Series! I’d love to do a Q&A Blog soon, do me a favor and submit a question regarding author, book, or website stuff and I would love to answer you the best I can!