2018 Look Back

Looking back on the previous year.

As the year of 2018 was coming to a close, I knew this coming year was going to unlock a whole new chapter in my life. I reflected back on the past year and this is what I saw…

December 2017, January 2018 -March: I was dealing with serious grief and heartbreak through the loss of the man I predicted to be my future husband. My spiritual fire went from a bonfire to what felt like hardly a spark. It felt as if everything had fallen apart and I had no clue how to put my dreams back together. I held on to my faith regardless of the pain I felt trapped in, and eventually, through my pursuit of God I received His love once again and was healed.


In April, there was a ministry I had been a part of for a little over a year that God had me leave. Something was revealed that the leadership and I had different convictions and beliefs about and once it was revealed I knew I could no longer be submitted under that leadership. After a few other things happened there I felt God release me to leave. I knew that I was only there for a season, but it was still hard to leave the people I thought I had connections with.

Soon after that, God brought my brother and I back to attend our family’s home church- The Rock Columbus.


After nearly 7 months of not working on anything book related, I felt the passion stirring once again. On July 18th, I wrote my very first blog “The 12- month Journey of Love and Loss” followed by “Relentless Pursuit: Journey of a healed heart” both focusing on the heartbreak I had experienced months prior.

July through October I published a total of 11 blogs on my website.

In August/September I applied for Todd White’s Lifestyle Christianity University as I felt it was God’s call and next step for my journey and I was accepted!

In November I attempted the NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month) in attempts to write not just one, but two books in a month. Although I did not succeed in completing them, I did start two books that I am very excited about and desire to release in the next two years!

As the year came to a close I worked a seasonal job for Bath and Body work’s distribution to save up money for my big move from a small town in Ohio to the huge state of Texas. I enjoyed the holidays with my Family and spent quality time with my friends. I did pause on my blog writing for a few months but I plan on being much more diligent and consistent with my writing this year!

In reflection, I realized that last year I went through many different seasons, physically, and spiritually. I began the year in a spiritual low and gradually through the year my faith grew and ignited once again. It felt as though I lost time with God, but the reality is He promised never to leave me or forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). I know He walked with me through my lowest times and brought healing, peace, and comfort to me. I know that this past season and the season I am entering into now, my walk with God is increasing and my passion for Him is ablaze once again.