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Serena Brooke had a transformational encounter with God when she was just fifteen years old. She pictured God to be this old man in the sky that sat on His throne holding a lightning bolt of wrath, ready to strike the foolish people on earth. But she experienced the exact opposite. Instead she found God to be a loving Father who desired a relationship with her.

After about a year and a half of walking in relationship with Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit she began to wonder what her purpose was. Then, one day as she was worshipping, God spoke to her. He said, “Serena, you are called to be an author. At the age of eighteen you will write and publish a book. This book will be of your testimony and how you have experienced me. I will use you to be a voice to your generation and you will go into High Schools all around the world.” Next, God gave her a picture of the book cover and the title. She said yes and that’s how this book was birthed.

Serena Brooke says that God helped her write this book. “Jesus set me free and as time passed, I forgot the details for the issues I once had. As I sat down to write God would tell me the chapter subject and then would bring those details back to me as I needed them. It was a really unique process of writing that I had never used before. Each chapter brought a new realization of God’s love for me and this process actually took me into a deeper level of freedom. I was able to see that during my times of darkness, God was there. Even before I knew Him, God was looking out for me.” She stated.

The way this book is laid out is very unique. The four parts separate four major seasons in her life and with each chapter Serena takes you on this beautiful journey with tough situations and transformational encounters that shaped her into the woman she is today.

“What is funny about this book is that God gave me the title, “This is My Story,” but the truth is, it is God’s story. He is the one who helped me to write each chapter, each part, all of it really. I give Him all the glory for everything He did in my life. I did not write this book to glorify myself, but to glorify Him and to help people to see God as He really is.”

Serena Brooke believes that there is life changing power, truth, and hope in this book. If you read it with an open mind and open heart, this book has the power to set you free, help you discover your identity, and show you real love.

What are others saying about "This is My Story" ? 

“For every teen who has ever believed they are never understood, that they don’t fit, and that the future seems a bleak unknown, Serena Brooke reaches across hurt and uncertainty to show the way. This is My Story is not simply a self-help or inspirational book: it is one teen leading another out of darkness with her own shining light.”

Alex Bush –co-founder of “Overflow International”


“Author Serena Brooke has a vision to see her generation break free from the status quo and embrace their destiny. Her writing showcases how God’s love and faithfulness met her in the darkest valley to change her life and set her free. This is My Story is honest, engaging, and full of hope.”

Annetra Bush –senior leader and co-founder of “Overflow International”


"It is truly an honor and a rarity to read a book written by a teenager for a teenager. Author Serena Brooke has a passion to help this generation find their true identity and walk in it with truth, purity and confidence. After reading this book, you will have a new courage to be brave in your world."

Erica Foster –Author of “You Taught my Feet to Dance”


This is My Story gives you a raw look into the issues that teenagers deal with today; depression, suicide, family dysfunction, and low self-esteem. Having gone through it all herself, Serena shares with transparency how one moment with God changed it all. I believe this book will be a guiding light to anyone who is searching for a way out of a dark season.”

Esther Marie –Author and Founder of “Fearless Girl Co.”


“Serena Brooke truly has a heart for her generation. I believe in the vision that she has to see her generation break out of conformity. This is My Story is going to inspire many to feel free to write their own life story instead of following the script that society has written for them.”

Renee Vidor –Author, Coach, Speaker. Business: “Simply Enrich, LLC.”


This is My Story challenges people to be who they were created to be instead of who the world tells them to be. Written by a young adult for other young adults, this book will serve as a GPS through the fog and lead you to ultimate clarity.”

Kary Oberbrunner –Author of “ELIXIR Project”, “Day Job to Dream Job”, “The Deeper Path”, and “Your Secret Name”.


“Serena Brooke is a true light in the darkness, and wise beyond her years. Serena’s transparency in overcoming her personal struggles is a testimony to the power of God’s love and redemption. This is My Story provides a model for young adults to go from being stuck in anxiety and depression, to enjoying a confident and purposeful life. This book should be a required reading for all youth groups.”

Chris Borja –Founder of “Become a Better Networker”


“Author Serena Brooke boldly shares her story of the struggles and darkest moments that she faced as a teenager. Her story is a mirror of what so many young people face today – yet Serena’s story provides hope and love for today’s generation of young adults. She is an incredible young woman and it is an honor to call her my friend. This book is a must read- it WILL change your life.”

Christina Garza –Speaker, Actress, TV Host, Upcoming Author, “Christinagarzatalent.com”


“Author Serena Brooke paints a picture of what it means to face defeat while clinging to the hope of triumph. Through her journey, Serena addresses different trials that people of all ages encounter. This documentation of her story will remind anyone facing a giant that they are not alone” –Anonymous